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The Music City experience

If you’ve never experienced the music scene in Nashville, you’re missing out. Although great bands play every night, this week had an abnormally superb selection of music to choose from.

Perhaps the most recognizable name was Mumford and Sons playing a three-day run at The Ryman. Dawes, one of my favorites, opened Wednesday and Thursday. Nashville’s own, The Apache Relay, graced the stage on Wednesday. Those shows sold out within minutes, and I obviously didn’t go.

Another show, that I regretfully didn’t attend, was Dropkick Murphy’s at Marathon Music Village. From Facebook and Twitter users, the show rocked, but that’s what Dropkick Murphy’s are known to do.

So that brings us to my musical ventures this week. Believe me, I had been looking forward to this week for some time. Tyrone Carreker played Exit/In on Tuesday opening up for DeRobert and the Half-Truths. Tyrone was one of the first people I met when I moved to Nashville since he was my neighbor. For the past two years, I’ve tried to make any writer’s night or show that he’s had. Imagine: a deep bluesy John Mayer. I personally don’t like John Mayer, but Tyrone is amazing.

Tyrone Carreker

Thursday featured The Wild Feathers at Mercy Lounge. If you’ve been to Mercy, you know the music is always top notch, and this time was no exception. Opening for The Wild Feathers was a Nashville-based band, Ravello. Sweet tunes, candy to my ears and super nice people. They just finished recording an LP, but in the mean time, make your ears happy and listen to them on their Facebook. 

The Wild Feathers finished out the show. Their country twang rock beats always make me smile. Not to mention, Ricky Young, a member of the band, was one of the first shows I attended when I moved to Nashville. So listening to him makes me a little sentimental. The Wild Feathers: song writing at it’s best.

The Wild Feathers - Photo by @eric_h_davis

To finish off the week I attended Exit/In, yet again, to get my fix of JEFF the Brotherhood. My, for lack of better words, love affair with JEFF started last year before Bonnaroo when I was at Dino’s (but that’s an entirely different tangent). Last night definitely rocked my face off. Unfortunately, even though many a times I’ve been on the front lines of battle at a JEFF show, my mononucleatic spleen didn’t allow that. I head-banged and fist pumped from the balcony with a great view.

JEFF the Brotherhood

Another band to note is Fox Fun. Looking like they just stepped through the doors of high school for the first time, they started the night by getting the crowd pumped. They definitely had a sound of early JEFF, but that’s not a bad thing — look where JEFF is now.

Fox Fun

The after-party was at Dino’s. Reports of great music and a possible secret Racontuers show fluttered across Foursquare, Twitter and Facebook, but the Racontuers part has not been confirmed. Considering my love of JEFF started at Dino’s, and I didn’t go… and the Racontuers were possibly there – I could kick myself.

Tonight, another awesome band will bring dance to the crowd at 12th and Porter. Justin Kalk Orchestra, commonly known as JKO, will play what is sure to be a high energy set. Doors at 8, show starts at 9.

Check out these bands. Your ears will be glad that you did, then next time they play around Nashville, go support them. All local music, all good listenin’s.